Check your manuscript for
accidental plagiarism

Similarity Review

Among the grave academic offenses that one can ever commit when writing an academic paper is plagiarism. One makes this mistake when writers use people’s work without crediting the source. There are online tools such as turn it in that can be used to calculate the similarity index of your work. Such plagiarism checkers are even able to highlight problematic sections of your paper. If you are unable to use this software, then you should consider contacting us. We shall be happy to offer you expert comments and advice on how to remove plagiarism. Our experts are eagerly waiting to ensure that your work is 100% original.

How it works

We follow a four-step process to ensure that you receive a manuscript that retains the original meaning and is ready to submit to a journal.

Step 1

You send us your manuscript.

Step 2

We scan it for plagiarism using Turnitin, which compares the contents of your manuscript with over 38 million scholarly articles, books, and conference proceedings.*

Step 3

You receive a report that recommends the appropriate corrective action for each issue.

* We do not guarantee the detection of instances that are not highlighted by Turnitin.

Frequently asked questions

What does Taylor & Francis Editing Services’ Manuscript Formatting service include?

Our formatters check each manuscript against your target journal’s style guide and adjust the citations, references, and layout of the document to match the requirements. All figures and tables are moved to the correct location in your manuscript, and titles and legends are standardized to match the requirements provided.
Please note that certain elements such as reviewing units used, figure size or similar is outside the scope of this service.
Every effort is made to match the requirements of the target journal's style guide; however, it is also the responsibility of the submitting author to be aware of the target journal's requirements and to check these prior to submitting their manuscript for editing.
If there is any uncertainty about any services offered, please use the Live Chat option on the website to talk to a member of our support team who will be happy to answer any questions.

Why does my formatted manuscript look different from papers published in my target journal?

We format manuscripts according to the journal’s guidelines for submission. Some journals require a different format at the time of submission for ease of review. If the manuscript is accepted, it may be typeset and copyedited as preparation for publication. We follow sample papers/published papers only if specifically instructed to do so by the journal.

Can you format theses or dissertations?

Yes, we are able to format theses or dissertations if university/institution guidelines are provided or based on the required style guide.